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Creating Your Ceremony

How we'll work together to create a ceremony that is uniquely yours...

I believe a wedding should speak movingly to the emotional and spiritual needs of the modern couple. We'll work together to make your ceremony personally and spiritually meaningful, eloquently celebrating your special feeling for each other.

After we meet and get acquainted, you’ll tell me if you prefer a ceremony that is religious, nonreligious or interfaith. Perhaps a somewhat traditional ceremony with some reference to your religious faith. Or a non-religious rite with no reference to God but meaningful in a spiritual sense — expressing your deepest feelings about love, commitment and your relationship to the larger world.

I’ll listen carefully to the way you envision your wedding, taking a personal interest in each partner’s special point of view and what you want to say publicly to each other. I’ll suggest a format and we can talk about designating a relative or friend to be part of the ceremony.

We can also discuss incorporating readings and rituals of special importance from each partner’s religious faiths or secular convictions.

Meaningful rituals and readings:

These may include reciting a portion of Scriptures; breaking a glass at the end of the ceremony; a wine ceremony or the unity candle-lighting ritual; the reading of a favorite poem or literary passage; or telling an anecdote, for example, about how you met. I often suggest rituals honoring each partner’s family of origin, and those involving children from previous marriages, celebrating their important role in the creation of your new family.


I’ll meet with you until you feel convinced that your ceremony will live up to your particular expectations. I will also talk about my responsibility for handling the marriage license. As your wedding date approaches, we’ll meet again or talk by phone to make sure everything is in place and understood.

How love is recognized:

Erich Fromm wrote: “There is only one proof for the presence of love: the depth of the relationship and the aliveness and strength in each person concerned. This is the fruit by which love is recognized.” I promise that the aliveness and strength that each of you brings to your unique relationship will be joyously celebrated and affirmed at your wedding. And it will be a wedding everyone will remember.

Questions that may be helpful to you as you plan your wedding and choose an officiant:

*What do you want to communicate about your relationship through your wedding ceremony?

*Do you want a formal or informal ceremony? Religious or secular? If religious, what does that mean to each of you?

*What traditions, if any, from each of your religions and/or cultures do you want to include?

*Do you want your families to participate? If so, how?


If interested, contact me or call me today for a consultation: My office is located on the Upper West Side in NYC.

251 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024

(212) 799-1157

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