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Over the many years I've been performing Weddings and Unions between people who love each other, I've received more letters and thank you's than I can possibly publish within this site. Here are some that I truly cherish. I hope they help give you a glimpse of who I am, and how I can help make your day a wonderful experience for all.

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"Dear Rev. Covington,

Writing a letter of appreciation doesn’t even seem like an appropriate way to express our gratitude to you for officiating our wedding.  Any words I write on this page cannot begin to describe our thanks and how delighted and satisfied we were with the wonderful words you expressed on our wedding day.

Every one of our guests has told us what a beautiful ceremony you held for us, and how it touched and gave them hope as well. In a room full of differing cultures and religious backgrounds, your words were inspiring and significant. There are members of our family who are also in mixed relationships and were feeling unsure of their future.

Your comments on how love can break the barriers of two religions, a Muslim and a Christian, really touched our guests and made them realize that there is hope for their own future.

I must also say that not only were your words wonderful and meaningful, but your voice and presence were soothing, calming and encouraging. As my husband and I stood there getting married, my knees were shaking and my nerves were on edge, it was your voice that helped me stay up and focused. For that I am eternally grateful.

Rev. Covington, thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony EXACTLY what we wanted and for going far and beyond the call of duty for an officiant. By researching the sweet milk and dates ritual and incorporating the unity candle, our interfaith/intercultural ceremony was a tremendous success."

Eternally grateful,

Mr. and Mrs. Khadir

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