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Over the many years I've been performing Weddings and Unions between people who love each other, I've received more letters and thank you's than I can possibly publish within this site. Here are some that I truly cherish. I hope they help give you a glimpse of who I am, and how I can help make your day a wonderful experience for all.

If you'd like to submit a testimonial about our time together, please feel free to fill out the form. I look forward to reading your thoughts!

  • “We felt our Minister, James Covington, was professional, prepared, knowledgeable, punctual, and thoroughly took into consideration the nuances of our inter-religious union and ceremony. He far exceeded our expectations. In addition, the unique and interesting ceremony he delivered kept the wedding guests both engaged and hanging on to his every word. In looking back at our photos and remembering the positive experiences that our guests commented on during our wedding day – many raved about the energetic, touching, amorous and thoughtful ceremony. It was an absolute pleasure working with James. If we are ever to renew our vows and still are located in the Tri-State area – he will again be our Minister of choice!"


  • 13 years ago we planned our first wedding and contacted Jim because we were so touched and impressed with his warmth and demeanor. As a same sex couple at a time when marriage was not legal nor seemingly close to becoming so we were concerned with surrounding ourselves only with people that would truly support our desire to be a committed married couple. Jim was all that and more. When the laws finally changed this year (2011), one of our first phone calls was to Jim to join us once again for our legal marriage. He is an insightful man with an extremely warm and approachable personality that truly welcomes the people in his presence. The sincerity in his voice, thoughts, and words were both impactful and memorable. 12 years later guests from our first wedding still remembered him and were thrilled for us that he could be a part of our ceremony again. We will forever be thankful for having met Jim and the kindness and support he has shown us. We count him among our many blessings this year

    Eddie & Ron Pritchard

  • "Dear Rev. Covington,

    Writing a letter of appreciation doesn’t even seem like an appropriate way to express our gratitude to you for officiating our wedding. Any words I write on this page cannot begin to describe our thanks and how delighted and satisfied we were with the wonderful words you expressed on our wedding day.

    Every one of our guests has told us what a beautiful ceremony you held for us, and how it touched and gave them hope as well. In a room full of differing cultures and religious backgrounds, your words were inspiring and significant. There are members of our family who are also in mixed relationships and were feeling unsure of their future.

    Your comments on how love can break the barriers of two religions, a Muslim and a Christian, really touched our guests and made them realize that there is hope for their own future.

    I must also say that not only were your words wonderful and meaningful, but your voice and presence were soothing, calming and encouraging. As my husband and I stood there getting married, my knees were shaking and my nerves were on edge, it was your voice that helped me stay up and focused. For that I am eternally grateful.

    Rev. Covington, thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony EXACTLY what we wanted and for going far and beyond the call of duty for an officiant. By researching the sweet milk and dates ritual and incorporating the unity candle, our interfaith/intercultural ceremony was a tremendous success."

    Eternally grateful,

    Mr. and Mrs. Khadir

  • "Jim,

    Katherine and I can’t thank you enough for presiding over what was a remarkable wedding ceremony. Our first meeting with you showed us that you would be the right choice for our much-anticipated occasion and you proved that with the amazing job you did. The ceremony was cheerful, fun, and – we feel – truly reflected our personalities and our character. It felt just like it should: a union of two people who have been together a long time and wish to make a new promise to each other for a long future together. Katherine and I were relaxed by your tranquil personality and we were deeply moved by the things you said about the importance of marriage and the promises we must keep to one another. We also appreciate the way you incorporated the guests into the ceremony. This was very meaningful, showing that you took into consideration our intention to have an intimate wedding with our closest family and friends. Never dry and certainly not long-winded, I don’t think we could have found a better person to conduct our wedding ceremony. Thank you so very much."

    Brian Ferry and Katherine Drake

  • "From the onset Reverend Covington was attentive and intuitive, which allowed him to truly understand us as a couple in such a short time. It brought comfort to a process that can otherwise be unsettling. He knew exactly what we wanted, and what we needed even before we asked. But most importantly he was able to describe LOVE in words that were both powerful and delicate... making for a truly memorable ceremony."

    CeFaan and Grace Kim

  • “Finding a great officiant is like finding a red diamond. Rare to find, but when you do, you know it is amazing. This is how we felt when we found Jim Covington. From the start, Jim was easy to talk to, made us feel comfortable, walked us through the ceremony and marriage certificate process and most importantly listened to what we wanted: both a spiritual and religious ceremony that would relate to us (our background, how we met, family importance etc), the meaning of life and marriage, and of course, the significance of LOVE.

    We did not want any of the unnecessary and mundane requirements of a conventional religious ceremony that can be long, boring and costly. We wanted to remember this moment forever and for our guests to relate to the harmonious beauty of Jim's words. Jim helped us achieve our ideal marriage ceremony with his warm and touching testimonies that all of our guests commented on how uniquely beautiful and intimate our ceremony was. People went from tears to smiles to laughter. The unity candle lighting was also a great aspect of our ceremony because it was symbolic for the unity of our love and the unity of both of our families coming together into one. The words spoken by Jim and the advice given to have a successful marriage will forever resonate with us and our guests.

    If you want someone who is genuine, intelligent and well spoken, then Jim Covington is the one!!!”

    Tommy & Drena

  • "Thank you so much for officiating our wedding Jim! John and I really appreciate how you have patiently listened to what we really wanted said at our ceremony. Our wedding guests are still talking about your beautiful words of wisdom and how they too will continue to follow the spiritual advice given. You are truly an amazing person with a special gift. We will never forget how much you have made the most important day of our lives a wonderful experience."


    Gail & John

  • "Hi Jim!

    We received your sweet letter and copy of our signed marriage application. We just wanted to write you a short note to say how the ceremony you created for our wedding was so amazingly beautiful!! It was serious yet light-hearted, sentimental yet modern, traditional yet so clever and fresh!! We were really just so blown away by how you captured our guests' attention and held them rapt with your beautiful words. I heard from so many guests, old & young, modern & traditional, how it was the best ceremony they had ever witnessed! Everyone especially liked the part where they were called upon to support and encourage us <: Gilbert and I were so moved by your words, and we will treasure them & keep them close to our hearts forever! We are overjoyed to start our new life together & we will return to your kind and wise words as we grow old together <: You are amazing!!

    Thank you so much, again & wishing you so much happiness & love!!"

    Jennifer & Gilbert

  • Dear Rev. Covington:

    We want to thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony the beautiful and meaningful event it was. Your words touched us so deeply and with such eloquence and we know they had a similar effect upon our guests, who kept telling us for many days afterward, how special you made the evening. From the moment we came to see you, you made us feel comfortable and welcome and at pleace with ourselves. We often recalled your observation that the planning of a wedding is the true start of a marriage - and that spirit carried over to the ceremony, which was everything we dreamed of and more.

    We will always cherish it. Thank you again.

    Owen and Sharon

  • "Everyone who attended was impressed with the warmth and intimacy of the helped lay the foundations for our marriage and we feel very lucky to have found you.”

    Lisa and Bob Ames, New York City

  • “There are not enough words to thank you for our wedding made our wedding exactly what we wanted...meaningful!”

    Brian and Diane Campbell, West Orange, New Jersey

  • “Everything you said spoke to everybody there... There wasn’t a single person who didn’t tell us how incredible they thought the ceremony was”

    Kris and Marc Ciokajlo, New York City

  • “...people were so inspired and awed at the spirit of our ceremony. It was so much about who we are. Your personality and integrity have been very important to how our ceremony will be remembered by us and our family and friends. Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding and our lives.”

    Audrey Forte and Thomas Polumbo, New York City

  • “Many of our relatives commented on your it was the most beautiful they had ever heard...we are grateful for your special presence and contribution.”

    Suzanne and Jim Fitzpatrick

  • “ ...throughout the day and many times since, people who were at the wedding mentioned to us that it was one of the most unique and personal ceremonies that they had ever been to.. ”

    Ed and Robin, New Jersey

  • Dear Jim –

    Brian and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you very much for the wonderful wedding ceremony. The ceremony was the perfect blend of traditional wedding vows and modern life lessons and we feel it represented us so well. I can’t tell you how many of our guests remarked that what you had to say really spoke to them and resonated with them.

    Thanks again – we really appreciate you making our wedding so special.

    Kate and Brian


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