Over the many years I've been performing Weddings and Unions between people who love each other, I've received more letters and thank you's than I can possibly publish within this site. Here are some that I truly cherish. I hope they help give you a glimpse of who I am, and how I can help make your day a wonderful experience for all.

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Mr. and Mrs. Fields Sriharan

Eddie & Ron Pritchard

13 years ago we planned our first wedding and contacted Jim because we were so touched and impressed with his warmth and demeanor.  As a same sex couple at a time when marriage was not legal nor seemingly close to becoming so we were concerned with surrounding ourselves only with people that would truly support our desire to be a committed married couple.  Jim was all that and more.  When the laws finally changed this year (2011), one of our first phone calls was to Jim to join us once again for our legal marriage.  He is an insightful man with an extremely warm and approachable personality that truly welcomes the people in his presence.  The sincerity in his voice, thoughts, and words were both impactful and memorable.  12 years later guests from our first wedding still remembered him and were thrilled for us that he could be a part of our ceremony again.  We will forever be thankful for having met Jim and the kindness and support he has shown us.  We count him among our many blessings this year

Brian Ferry and Katherine Drake
Tommy and Drena

Mr. and Mrs. Khadir
Jennifer & Gilbert
Owen and Sharon
Lisa and Bob Ames
Brian and Diane Campbell
Kris and Marc Ciokajlo
Audrey Forte and Thomas Polumbo
Suzanne and Jim Fitzpatrick
Ed and Robin


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